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Great car so far. logo 9/6/2015 Matt

The thing about the transmission; this is not your typical automatic transmission. If you let off the gas at low speeds in between gears, it will shift. Once you get past 2nd gear, it acts more like an automatic. Keep this in mind when you buy this car. Treat it like a you would a manual with no clutch petal at low speeds because that is what this is. It took some getting used to but I am willing to deal with it for awesome fuel economy that it gets. Comfort is great up front. Gadgets are really nice to have. Steering is like second nature. Maybe Ford should explain that the transmission is brand new technology and there is a technique to making it shift more smoothly at lower speeds.Update: it needed updated parts but it was all done for free and the warranty extended. I think I got lucky with this car. The symptoms in the first review ^^ were because it had the faulty parts. Glad it was under warranty or I'd be joining the "sue Ford" band wagon.

Average Rating : 4


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