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Great car that's reliable and economic logo 8/15/2015 Joseph Thomas

I purchased this vehicle from a dealership in Colorado Springs a month ago and have already driven it over 2,000 miles. The interior is by no means luxurious, the electronics are simple, and the acceleration is about the same level as a Prius. Non of these things matter to me as I was looking for a dependable, economic and basically a car to get you from A to B. In this sense this car is about as good as it gets. The driving I do is probably tougher then most Americans as I live in the mountains of Colorado and frequently travel up to 12,000 feet and then back down to 7,000 feet in a matter of a few miles, along with constant hills to climb. Despite this I have averaged 34 total mpg. I have even driven from Denver to Moab and back multiple times since owning this vehicle and it drives great. Great car for a reliable A to B ride.

Average Rating : 5


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