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Great Car until Aug 2015 - 6 yrs. 51,000 miles logo 8/23/2015 Joanna MacMillan

This month, August 2015, with 51,000 miles on the 2010 Forester, I learned that the engine has a problem in Cylinder #3 and needs a Short Block replacement and the AC Compressor needs to be replaced as well. The repair cost is $6,0000. All the research done before purchased pointed to a a good decision buy.I noticed the AC problem in May 2015. Subaru dealer added Freon with some dye to see if a leak could be detected. Earlier this month, it was clearly not blowing cold air. I scheduled service for the AC and asked Service to also check a noise I was hearing at acceleration.Car has been serviced exclusively by Subaru dealer service dept. and all service has been done on schedule. There are 2 possibilities for the Engine issue, both point to DEFECTS. The engine was either developing a problem over time = defect, or experienced the failure of an engine component very quickly also - from a defect. If it was developing over time – for how long, how could it have been missed during the at last 3 service appointments in the last year? The situation I find myself in is unacceptable by any standard or measure. The engine of my 2010 Forester obviously had a defect. The AC Compressors in decent cars don’t need replacing at between 50 and 51,000 miles. By the way, I live in Connecticut, not exactly known for brutal long summers and certainly not for year round use of AC. We'll see how this plays out - cause Subaru isn't getting off the hook on this. I promised myself! Meanwhile my 1998 BMW Z3 - Trucks on beautifully!

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