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Great car, when its not having issues! logo 7/4/2015 adamstemper

I purchased this car at 20,000 miles. It now has 35,000 miles.Within 1 month of purchase, I noticed the breaks got squishy. They issued a recall for having used bad break fluid which ruined the breaks.Within 6 months, my alignment started pulling to the right. The Hyundai mechanic drove it and agreed that he noticed the pull. Was called next day and told "nothing was wrong, we dont notice any pulling". It's still pulling to the right...The rear tail lights got moisture inside, had to have Hyundai dealership replace lights.The engine light came on, made appointment. Within a week the car wouldnt even start up. "Bad fuel line".Great car, when not being serviced!!

Favorite Feature : Love the USB stick media player, heated & cooled seats, rear window sun visor. For a 2010, this car has all the tech luxury you could hope for!

Suggested Improvement : All wheel drive. Touch screen display & navigation. Cooled passenger seats.

Average Rating : 3.375


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