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Great car, with a few caveats. logo 7/25/2015 kevin s

I'm 6'3" and the front seats are not comfortable for me. The shoulder area specifically causes me a lot of pain. I inflated the lumbar support to the max and it helps, a little.The I-pod function is laughable. When I purchased it my I-pod worked, albeit illogically. Every single time I started up I-pod function it would default to the very first song on the I-pod (alphabetically); stupid. Then after about a month it wouldn't read my I-pod at all. I took it back and the dealership said it was functioning properly. They suggested I use a different I-pod. I wanted to suggest they buy me a different I-pod, but didn't. I did have another one in the family and traded it. The second one worked, again with the stupid alphabetical default. This past January the Bluetooth module needed to be replaced, the car wasn't reading any I-pod or phone. Now, as of last week, the I-pod doesn't work at all. I have tried charging it, have tried connecting it to my computer, to I-tunes, nothing works. So I paid for a feature that not only works illogically, it didn't consistently connect with one I-pod and fried another. We will see how next weeks service visit goes. The car looks great - exterior and interior. The fit and finish are great. The mileage is great. It is loud and it rides firm. This, I am told, is in keeping with the ZoomZoom philosopy of Mazda. The exterior noise is probably more in keeping with keeping weight low to increase mileage. All I know is that my Corvette C5 and old Pontiac G8 were quieter and rode more comfortably and quietly. They were both better handling, as they were RWD. Overall I like the 6 i-GT. But those problems I mentioned occur evertime I ride in the car. They are things that can't be fixed.

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