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Great car with some qalifications logo 3/16/2015 Corey Isenberg

First if all entertainment system sounds great, DD player is essentially useless other than to play CD's, will not save anything. Playing with flash drive is cumbersome, I bought an iPod Nano and it is infinitely easier. Honda needs some new engineers, this is unacceptable. Dealer shrugged his shoulders so I'll try once more then contact Honda directly. Car handles great, reasonably quiet when not accelerating (pronounced whine). Mileage very temperature dependent, heater is electric, heater warming cab, no EV.

Favorite Feature : Last fill-up at 2000 miles 49 mpg, overall 41 (mpg gas 90% ethanol 10%) St. Louis area

Suggested Improvement : Entertainment system can be dangerous to navigate while driving.

Average Rating : 4.75


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