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Great Car logo 7/5/2015 cheapgreg100

This is my 2nd Kia Optima EX Base model. its a 2015. I love the Premium package (definitely worth the $3000 to 5000 upcharge but until things get better for me I am very satisfied with the EX Base. I've had my car for a week but I had the exact model in a 2012 and I love it.The newer one is quieter and has voice activated radio and the controls on the steering wheel are different.

Favorite Feature : As far as a car is concerned I love the power of both of them even without the turbo. the steering seems to be lighter on this car (more play and easier to turn) but then again on my old car I had Michelin MXM4's on it so that could be the difference. but it's feels fine. the gas mileage seemed to have improved in the city I'm getting like 23 mpg on my 2012 i was getting 18 mpg the AC was wonderful in both cars. in both cars the smoothness of the ride is great also. From my experience in a 2012 I only needed 2 break jobs in 100,000 miles on the toyota Corolla I needed a break job every 12K Seats are comfortable especially the driver one with the power adj and lumbar great car for Price!

Suggested Improvement : I will admit the controls were better positioned on the old car. I had to actually go back to the dealer to figure out how to set the odometer on the 2015 car. they put plastic on the gear handle and along where the ac is and in the sun light you can't see the speedometer because of a glare. the radio while it has a better display the speakers are not as good, but the way I adjusted the mid base it's very close but the newer radio is louder. I do believe both cars were built well, they are quiet as a rock I'm hoping that when I get my Michlians mxm4's my steering will be a little more precise. For now this is fine. overall If I look at the big picture this is a wonderful car and happy

Average Rating : 4.75


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