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Great car logo 6/13/2016 Brian

I really hesitated buying this car given the reviews of the 2015 and the transmission issues people reported; even with over $10,000 in discounts and incentives. Eventually I had enough of my Elantra and figured I'd go for it. I am VERY glad I did. There really is a lot to like in this car. It rides great, it's very comfortable, and the gas mileage is remarkable. I'm getting 33 mpg in mixed driving. Some of the drawbacks are there. You have to duck a bit to get in because of the styling, but my Elantra had similar styling so I'm used to that. The rear seat has a little less leg room than the rest of the class, but the only person I regularly put back there is my 9 year old daughter and she's comfortable so that's not a problem for me. If you have a couple of 6 ft. plus people you regular carry back there make sure you bring them on the test drive. Also, the A pillar is a little bulky, but it was so big on the Elantra that I could have lot an elephant in it, so again, I'm used to it.The only picky issue I would change is that each time you drive it you have to turn the cruise control on. It would be nice if it stayed on.It seems that Chrysler has mostly solved the transmission issues or I was lucky enough to get a good one as mine shifts smoothly and most shifts are imperceptible. Shifting from first to second at low speeds can be a little bigger of an ordeal than necessary, but not so much as to go online and complain about it.Chrysler's issue as I see it, is that they're always in a hurry. Back in the 80's they NEEDED the minivan to keep the company afloat. Then in the mid 2000's they NEEDED the 300 to keep going, and a couple years ago it seems they felt they NEEDED the 200. Because of that rush there were some regular mechanical issues with the 2015 that could have been solved by waiting 6 months to launch the vehicle. Now it would seem that either I have a good one, or those problems are mostly behind it. From my experience with my 2016 I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone from a quality standpoint.....but ask me again in 50,000 miles, and again 50,000 miles after that.It's not a perfect car but it is a pretty good one and it fits me and my family just fine. Especially given the ENORMOUS rebates available now you owe it to yourself to go drive one if you are considering a mid size car. Just remember with huge rebates comes huge depreciation. Get gap insurance and plan to keep it for the long haul.UPDATE 8/20/16:I have about 4500 miles on the car and I wanted to update my review. Everything is still going great with my 200. Some of the drawbacks are still there; the rear seat didn't get any roomier, but my daughter didn't get much bigger either. I still have to dip down a bit when i get in, but it's still not a big deal to me. The cruise control switch still doesn't stay on when you turn the car off, but I've mostly gotten used to it. Overall it's still doing great. I had mentioned that some shifts could be rough and indeed they still can be. The switch from park to drive can be a bit rough. Generally however I have gotten used to how to apply the throttle to mitigate most of the rough shifts. It's a quirk but one that is generally manageable. That's something I'd like to expand upon. The 200 may not have the best test results at the track and because of that it doesn't get great reviews by the experts, but for day to day, go to the grocery store, go to the golf course, drive to work needs, it's perfectly fine. Some of the quirks are noticeable on a test drive, but are something I've gotten used to and not something I would even consider a problem at all. I dare say that if I gave you my keys for a week you would notice some quirks immediately, but after the week is over most would not be a huge issue. Some things may be, if you regularly shuttle around tall folks in the back it may not be the car for you, but overall I think 90% of people will find that it meets 90% of their needs. No maintenance issues except I'm going in for my 5K service shortly. And gas mileage is still great; generally around 32-33 combined and easily pushing if not exceeding 40 on the highway.Overall still going great especially for getting such a great deal; over 10K off the sticker price. I'll try to keep updating this review, maybe at 10K intervals or so.

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