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Great car logo 8/27/2015 Chris Grisdale

Bought this car after having a 2007 Fusion that I never had to fix anything on besides normal things like tires and brakes. I have 22k on the new car with only one problem the seatbelt in the back was made wrong. The dealer replaced it and every thing works great. My 2007 Fusion got about 26 MPG (2.3l 4-cyl manual transmision) on my run to work and had about a 160Hp my new Fusion is getting about 27-28 MPG with 240Hp (2.0l turbo)...I'd say that is a win for EcoBoost. My Ford Touch can be slow at times but I love it. Heated and Cooled seats are the best. The heated steering wheel needs work the outer rim heats up but nothing else. This is the first automatic trasmission that I have not hated. I usually drive manuals but my wife talked me into an automatic because she can't/won't drive one.

Average Rating : 5


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