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great car,hands down logo 2/26/2015 Austin Airs

My first car was a 94 civic lx non vtec.lI loved it so much i Didnt want an american car.unfortunatly brakes wore out alot,cv joint,innner and outer tie Rods and the allignment was very Fragile.but the style and handling when in.good.condition was terrific.long story short i wrecked it and bought a 2000 toyota corolla ,,girly and cheap interior but drove amazing then traded for a 97 nissan maxima which is v6 way more fun then a.4cyl but bad on gas and expensive i sold and went back to honda and got a 95 civic ex 2dr for $1400 172k miles ive had no mechicals issues at.all and its my daily driver for the past 8 months i even have raced it on all stock at 123mph no problem

Favorite Feature : All power windows locks steering,handling ,cruise control ,1.6 liter vtec Engine

Suggested Improvement :

Average Rating : 4.125


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