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Great CUV so far... logo 8/1/2015 Willie

Engine/trans combo is nearly perfect for this vehicle. While 260 hp may not seem like a whole lot these's perfectly matched to the CVT. I love the CVT and this is my 3rd CVT from Nissan. It's the best one yet I've owned! I wish I could have the paddle shifters from my 2012 Maxima though. While I do wish for a bit more power coming from a 290 hp wasn't as big of a step down as initially expected (only lost about a sec in 0-60 mph time...6.8-7.0 sec I have timed compared to 5.8-6.2 sec in my 2012 Maxima). The same goes for's no sports car...but wasn't a huge step down from the Maxima...but I wasn't expecting it to be a canyon carver either. It handles very well for what it's intended purpose. The steering...while very precise and has just enough road feel (less than the Maxima...which I loved the steering feel/response). Very comfortable cabin...powerful HVAC and heated/cooled seats. I like the 11 speaker stereo...but feel it could have a bit more punch at mid volumes. It's pretty darn good at upper volumes...but nothing extraordinary. Mileage has been very good so far...with a best tank of over 29 mpg (550 mile trip hand calculated with cruise set to 74 mph) and a worst tank of 22 mpg...and I have not babied this thing. The navigation is ok...but could be better. Nissan Connect Apps are a big thorn as the top trip Platinum only has Google Search at this time. Lower trims have access to I don't understand how a upper trim get's less stuff. I am still waiting for that upgrade from Nissan. The radar-based cruise control is nice...but sometimes wish I could revert to basic cruise at times. Overall...I have only seen a few minor issues so far...and have overwhelmingly satisfied at this time.

Average Rating : 5


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