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Great economy car, but should have recall issued. logo 7/29/2015 Michael

Love this car, and it's decently quick with a 5 speed. It's light and flickable. Gets the job done, and there's aftermarket performace support.BUT, there's a huge problem that Mitsubishi should be making a recall for.The rear alignment is non-adjustable, and can't even be shimmed. The spindles are welded directly to the axle. So, if your rear toe or camber is out of spec (which 95% of these seem to be), they'll just say there's nothing they can do, and you'll watch your tires wear out unevenly and quickly. As this is clearly a manufacturer's defect, it should be addressed by Mitsubishi, and since it's affecting such a large number of cars, it should be made a recall. New rear axles with bolted-on spindles (not welded) should be manufactured and installed on every 2012- Mirage sold around the world with out-of-spec rear alignments.

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