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Great engine logo 8/9/2015 chris

I have to admit i have had issues with this vehicle. If you are looking to buy this car find out if the radiator has been replaced. These vehicles used Dexcool 3 when they first came out, it was issues so it will have or will rust out your radiator. I did a few different flushes on mine. I did have to replace the water pump, alternator, starter, and fuel pump. The fuel pump came at about 150,000 mile for me though. Keep and mind the drivers side door has issues, if you find a good body shop they will fix it for about $100. The Engine is awesome has always run like a champ for me considering i used this vehicle to deliver pizza. Overall it is a good buy and a safe SUV. I sold mine for $800 to a friend and it is still running with over 176,000 miles on it. As much as i enjoyed having this vehicle i can't give it 5 stars knowing all that was done to it, luckily for me i have a good mechanic and he doesn't charge an arm and a leg for repairs.

Average Rating : 3


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