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Great Exterior Design, Unpowered Performance logo 7/24/2015 Mike Vizzi

I have owned my 2015 Mazda 6 for about a year now. The exterior design and color (platinum silver) are stunning but the 4 cylinder engine woefully lacks the get-up-go you would expect in a car that looks this good. Recommend that Mazda offer a 4 cylinder turbo and/or V6 option in future models since that lack of power is a major disappointment. It also looks like the Mazda design engineers were going too much for the German "austere" stripped-down interior look in the 2015 model which is a major step backward from the previous 2013 Mazda 6 that I owned. This is a Japanese car so it is supposed to have a flashy interior with a highly illuminated instrument panel that sets it apart from its boring German counterparts. Bottom line: this is a great looking car with an underwhelming power train and boring dash board instrumentation - jazz these 2 things up a bit and you'll have customers buying a Mazda 6 instead of a BMW 5 or Mercedes E series.

Average Rating : 4


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