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Great family car logo 8/20/2015 GoGo Tomago

I've had the car for about a year and a half. Really like the luxury and performance. Some of the cool features includes an auto setting for the windshield wipers that has it automatically engage when it rains (and if it's raining harder, the wipers will go faster), lots of cupholders, seat adjustment options (forward, backwards, tilting, up and down, lumbar), the blue lights that go on to indicate that you are driving in eco mode for better fuel consumption/mpg. This is my first hybrid so in the beginning it was hard to know if the engine was on since there is no noise initially, but after about 5 seconds or so the noise will tell you it's on. It's roomy and the second row fits two booster seats with enough room for an adult in the middle. One issue that I have is that the MPG only averages about 25 combined city/hwy rather than 30/28. But it's better than my last compact SUV, a Honda CRV.

Average Rating : 4


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