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Great Family Car logo 9/7/2015 Helpful Ford Owner

Bought this car used with 14,000 miles on it back in 2008. I have the "Advance Trac" version with the 4.0ltr V6, they were the really base model and I don't see many of them around. They also didn't have the gobs of chrome the other models came with, which means mine has aged pretty gracefully and looks a lot like the more recent Expeditions. It's been garaged kept and I have given it regular recommended maintenance. I have managed to put over 90,000 miles on it since I purchased it, aside from a leaky thermostat housing which I replaced myself at 50,000 miles for about $80 total, it's been a good truck. First I'll start with the negatives. At very low speeds the transmission feels like there is a guy in there with a sledge hammer shifting gears. The back seat is not really that comfortable for adults, it's really sad, I think my 01 2dr Explorer sport had a more comfortable and roomy back seat than my 06 4dr. The motor has a lot of low end torque at low city speeds which is great, but at highway speed the V6 struggles when it comes to passing. I am a pretty easy driver but I can barely coax over 16mpg out of it with a mix of highway and city driving.My car is pretty bare bones and I like it that way, not much to go wrong. AC works great, so does the heat power windows are nice and so is cruise control. Front seat is very comfortable for me and I like the commanding view. Its very torquey on the low end so it does well around town. I've never towed anything but I bet it would do ok at low speeds, I'd hate to take anything heavy on the highway though. For the last 5 years it has been the commuter vehicle for my family, fits two children in the back comfortably and 3 in a pinch. LOTS of room in the trunk for stuff, and believe me I have needed every inch. I don't have the fold flat 3rd row of seats, but I do get some pretty nifty storage compartments under the deck instead.I'm very happy with my Explorer, it's been pretty dependable. I had an 01 Explorer Sport which had over 170,000 miles on it when I got rid of it (still ran well too) so I hope that this one will last as long.

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