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Great Family Hauler logo 3/16/2015 Anthony Edu

Owned the car brand new for about 7 years now and so far it has been good to us. A few recalls were taken care of warranty but one major repair expense outside of warranty was the rack and pinion ($1k/incld labor) since it was leaking heavily from the passenger side. Also, there are traces of oil leaking from the head valve gaskets after 90k. Regular oil maintenance for both engine and transmission have been done religiously according to recommended intervals. I'm expecting to pay another $1k @100k for spark plug and valve cover gasket replacement work. It seems that these cars were designed to crap out after warranty and when you're done paying off the loan...SMH

Favorite Feature : -3rd row seat and DVD player for the kids and extended family & friends that ride along.-Gas mileage for a SUV

Suggested Improvement : Better quality auto parts that would keep up with its competitors that are known to last for a very long time (i.e. Toyota & Honda)

Average Rating : 3.75


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