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Great first car! logo 7/24/2015 Ed

To be specific, I have the 2005 LX Special Edition Coupe with the 2.4L I4 and 5-speed Manual. Special edition just means alloy wheels and different tires compared to the normal LX I believe.This is the first car I've actually owned. This is also the first car I've driven with a manual transmission (and I learned how to drive manual exclusively with this car in a parking lot!). The transmission is pretty slick, the clutch is pretty forgiving as well. The engine is a little weak in the low RPM range but over 3000RPM it has all the power you need in a car this size. Just shift down to fourth if you need to merge or pass on the highway but for normal city driving it should have enough power as long as you aren't lugging it. The ride and steering feel are pretty solid for a commuter car, it's no sports car but it doesn't have dead steering feel like some other typical sedans/coupes in this size/price range. The interior is pretty solid overall, the cluster is pretty logically laid out (I personally don't like most modern cars which try to be too complicated with soft-touch buttons and touch screens up the wazoo, makes it harder to change the AC/heat without looking!). Cloth seats does the job fine for me, saves me some pain in the summertime after a day in the parking lot sun. My only gripes are that shifting from first to second smoothly is always very slow because first is a lot shorter (in gearing) than second. Also the B-Pillar (behind the door) is pretty much exactly where you want to look to check your blind spot, but after a while you get used to turning your head just a bit more to get around that.

Average Rating : 5


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