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Great first convertible! logo 5/1/2016 Phil R.

I was looking for my first convertible as a birthday present for myself and found this '04 with 41,500 miles, platinum with a navy blue top. No dents, no scratches, leather in good shape. Only problem was that the interior plastic seems notorious for looking pretty beat-up, especially around the interior door handles and the center console. Fortunately, my issue's were all on the center console. I took the center console apart (PIA), which took a lot of time and care and sprayed all of the black parts with flat black plastic paint (Home Depot) and it came out great. While I had the thing apart, I also installed a back-up camera (make sure your head unit will support this before you go through the trouble) which I got on line for $15. This is very helpful for backing up with the top up!This car is a hoot to drive and holds the road well with the Michellin Pilot Sports it's wearing. I am so glad I got the manual transmission as it is much more drivable than the automatics I tested. I have put a little over 4,000 miles on the car and am still really enjoying my toy, and can say the following about performance:The Z holds the road well with the above stated tires (45s up front and 75s rear) but has noticeable body roll. Maybe it's a convertible thing.It is quick but not as fast as it seems with the top down. With the right tires my Infiniti G37 will blow the doors off this car in a straight race, and possibly do so on a slalom course. With all its power, the Infiniti also beats the Z for mileage by a long shot. I realize I'm comparing apples and aardvarks but, there it is.That said, you just can't discount the "fun factor" of driving top down in this beautiful car on a winding road. To anyone looking for a fun second car, do your homework. You'll find better cars but I don't think you'll find a better value.

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