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Great for parking garage. logo 8/19/2016 Erik

Forgive the wall, I'm on mobile.So got this as a rental, it looked cool and I wanted to try it. It had just over 2k milkes and I put 350 miles on it. Did a bit of city ( vegas!!) freeway and some "mountain" driving. Let's point out the Pros of this. The blue tooth is simple and easy, and you can take it a step further by downloading an app. But I just used Google maps, which only works if you have the stereo on Bluetooth mode) Its great for parking, tight turns, great for those u turns, braking, and decent fuel economy. The steering response is middle of the road, maybe a bit above because the car doesn't roll if you have to jerk it over to the next lane. It does have a back up camera and you can see all around when in traffic. I didn't get a chance to see how well The traction control worked. The A/C did okay for 110F heat and no window tint. Meaning it was on full blast 95%, even when it was under 100F. The audio system sounded better then I imagined! Weaving in and out of traffic is a breeze, and you'll have plenty of room. Its not the ugliest or boring for a compact. There was plenty of room for just the two of us. The dash is nice to look at and the double glove box was very convenient. Heck the knee one was very deep. Seating was firm but comfy. Combine the seating and suspension for a sporty feel. Now the cons; even if you are at the front of the line at a stop light, you'll be last. Not only is take off unnaturally slow, the actual throttle response is about a whole second behind. Then after that you'll start to crawl forward ( no need to worry about burn outs!) This can actually be annoying because if traffic speeds up a tad while rolling down the road it'll be a few before you'll catch up. It was amazing that it could go 70mph ( okay there were times we may have went 85mph but we were just keeping with the flow!! And the ride was challenging due to the swaying. Well get to that later) Imagine you are getting on the freeway, you hit the Apex and pin the throttle, the rpms jump up and as need to start merging, desperately, you look down and realize you are only doing 55-60mph, pending if the hill was in your favor. Okay you get it, accerleration is not what this car is meant to do. But you may think this can hold its speed. I mean come on, it's modern, it has a CVT, and it's small! Well sure it can. But only if it's minor. If you start climbing a little it'll rev up. And if it's a 6% grade, you might want to take the slow lane with the truckers. So how does it handle? Well on a flat road it's perfect, that goes for the pavement. If it's concrete with slits you'll start swerving like a tractor trailer with high cross winds, sad part is it's only a slight over exaggeration. At around 50mph it becomes noticeable. Maybe it's a safetly feature to keep you paying attention! I too thought maybe someone hit something. But seeing another versa I had to follow and see if they did the dance, and they did. With all the negative I wrote, I really do not hate this car! Sure it's gutless, the road surface can be a challenge, and the suspension is borderline cheap feeling, but it was fun! The only way I would own this was if I got it with 6sp and 30 more ponies. ( I do kick my self for not getting the fiat 500!)

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