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Great for people with back problems. logo 9/3/2015 Deena Lincicome

In 2008, this Suzuki was equipped with a lot of different features that I hadn't seen in other vehicles. I just wanted a small SUV because it's just me and my son. I'm 5'5 and have extreme back problems and can't stand cars because the pain of getting in and out of them was just too difficult. The GV seat is place exactly for my height. I can just sit and swing around to the front painlessly and effortlessly. The few things I wish it had was an outlet for my ipod, but they started making those even in other vehicles a couple of years later. I wish my steering wheel controls lit up. If I had only waited for the 2009, I see that was standard for it. It would be nice if the rear window could go down so my golden retriever could be placed in the back where's there more room, then in my back seat. My vehicle honestly doesn't use the gas everyone keeps saying it does. It's not the greatest, but it is 6 cylinders and an SUV so I don't know what people expect. In 2015 now, my GV only has 56,201 miles on it, and the kelly blue book price for trading it in sucks. My GV was hit while I was shopping and all they had to do was replace the plastic bumper and side door, which even came pre-painted, but it makes sounds like it was in a major collision, so I get value points dropped for that. It would also be nice to have removable cup holders so I could take them out and clean them. The back seat fold all the way up, but really it doesn't create more room, it would be nice if after folding them up, you could push a button to remove them. Mine didn't come with fog lights and I haven't checked to see how much it would cost me to get them put in. They now have an upgraded stereo system with navigation and all the plug-ins you could ask for and I'm tempted to purchase it, but if it won't upgrade my trade-in value, then I don't see the point....The only thing I don't like about my GV is the antenna. I can't get any radio stations and there's plenty around here.. I didn't have that problem with my honda.

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