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Great, fun car, for a low price logo 12/6/2016 CJ

One of the more fun vehicles that I have driven, but not the best. However, you do get the bang for your buck! The options you get for $20K are phenomenal and you will not find that with any other vehicle in this class. The best part about this car? Modifications, this car adjusts to mods very well; I have about $2K in aftermarket parts on this car and have had ZERO issues. The one complaint I would have regarding performance is the DCT transmission, it is not the best but, I have heard that it is an issue with other Hyundai models. The interior and exterior are very nice, minus the cheap plastic that Hyundai is known for, I have yet to have any issues after 6 months of owning the vehicle. I get a lot of compliments on both the exterior and interior. The basic tech package is really good too, it's something that you would have to pay extra when purchasing other vehicles. I did forget one thing, the tires that come on this vehicle from the dealer SUCK! I am not a fan of the Kuhmo tires at all, they are absolutely terrible in rain and other road conditions. If you have the extra money, buy new tires before you hydroplane.

Average Rating : 4


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