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Great fun, jury still out on reliability logo 3/16/2015 Seema Sonnad

I've had the car for 9.5 months now. I love the style, the roominess, the visibility and how much fun it is to drive. It took a bit to get used to the transmission (manual, a little odd in first gear), but now it is great. It did have a recall to repair a computer issue causing the battery to die when parked in the cold for more than 48 hours with no start, but hopefully that is resolved. Some minor electrical things are a little quirky, but no big deal. I had my VW golf prior to this for 15 years with no major issues (it had early recalls for an oxygen sensor chip so was not perfect), so reliability is my only real concern with the Fiat.

Favorite Feature : Visibility and space

Suggested Improvement : better electrical system. Gear ratios that make sense for US highway speed limits.

Average Rating : 4.5


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