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Great jalopy for people who drive a lot logo 7/31/2015 John

I got one of these as a rental for about a week. The meage was outstanding. Averaged 58mpg over the entire time. Granted I was careful with the acceleration and had watched some tutorial videos in the past on the pulse and glide driving method. I would purchase this car if I had a long commute, especially if on hilly roads, around town or in the country. I don't think the car is all that great on the highway. It's adequate and keeps up with traffic but the mileage is not so high at 75mph. The engine is underpowered but coming from a 23 year old Subaru that's not a biggie. It requires you to think ahead in some situations. The interior is comfortable. The ac works well and there is surprising amounts of room for the four people inside. Overall this is a good car for a single person, a couple or maybe a family with one kid. Two kids would be pushing it because of all the junk kids have these days. If and when gas prices rise again, you can expect resale value on these appliances to be high. I popped the hood on this car and was surprised at the size of the tiny engine. But you know what? I don't need no 5.3L hem I to get me and my lunch pail to work. If Toyota ever figured out to put a turbo on this small engine it would be even better!It would be cool if they sold a bare bones "level 0" model with roll up windows and no rear wiper, steelies with no covers and a fm/aux input radio only - but still with AC! I'd buy that.

Average Rating : 5


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