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Great little car, but expense ridiculous repairs logo 7/20/2015 Hilaire Humphrey

We have two Honda Fits. The design is really great, as is the initial price. But...and it is a big BUT...recently one of the cars a/c completely stopped working. In this particular car, Honda chose to place the a/c unit within the dashboard. The a/c needs to be fixed. The car is no longer under warranty, but is only 2 years old and has been cared for well. The cost of fixing the a/c - $750! Why? Because the have to completely take apart the dashboard requiring several hours of labor. I am not the first. This is a serious design flaw. Unlike many cars, if you get a hot sunny day, you HAVE to run the a/c or the car will be unbearable so much so that it is hard to breathe because the very large dashboard gets so very incredibly hot. The other issue I am having in my other Fit is my dashboard is no longer level. What did the service staff tell me? It would take hours to fix and would be fairly expensive. If it is not creating a problem with the car the warranty is irrelevant for this issue as it is just cosmetic. There are other great small cars. Until Honda changes the a/c design, I advise people to buy a different small car. I will not buy a Fit again.

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