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great little car logo 7/28/2015 Cameron

I've had this for around 8-10 months, so I can't really say much on long term reliability, but its a fun little car.No parking aids on my, but then again whats the point. just aiming it in the general direction is good enough. It's small enough where i can just go "Eh, good enough" and it is.It's a quick car, and still has decent acceleration at 60+ mph. It handles and grips well, is a lot of fun as a daily driver, well at least when there isn't too much traffic.The driving position is quite high, coming from my 98' BMW, but it somehow just adds to the fun.I've seen people complain about the lack of space, and granted, the rear seats kinda suck, but there's more than enough room if you only need to drive yourself or one other person around, not to mention it just is a physically smaller car which I like.If I'm careful, I can get 36-37 mpg between city and highway with traffic, could probably get 38-39 if there wasn't any traffic, but I generally don't bother with it. More fun not worrying about mileage, and even when being rather liberal with the gas it still gets decent mileage. Get's about the same range as my BMW did, I use a higher grade gas, and it still costs ~15$ less to fill up the tank.I think the ride is quite good, though my dad said the BMW felt like a rock (never really noticed myself). It makes a nice sound making it somewhat ridiculous, but not over the top. It's not super loud or anything, but it's enough to put a smile on my face.I couldn't be happier with it,

Average Rating : 5


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