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Great Little SUV logo 7/5/2015 belaircarguy

Bought the XV based on our love of our 2005 Legacy GT Wagon. The XV is quiet on the highway and rides like a much bigger car. Eyesight cruise control is wonderful, especially when in heavy traffic. Visibility all around is excellent with narrow front window pillars and no rear blind spot. Automatic climate control works great and I don't have to fiddle with the controls to be comfortable (which I cannot say for two other cars I have had with automatic climate control).

Favorite Feature : All wheel drive for incredible traction and safety. Car has strong brakes, which stop you quickly. Eyesight adaptive cruise control is amazing. Follows the car in front of you and adjusts the speed accordingly, also slowing you down to a crawl in a traffic jam. A wonderful feature if you get into heavy traffic on the expressway. Also a nice feature is a small beep if you are at a stoplight and the car in front of you moves and you don't, the beep and a message that the car in front has moved! Car is roomy for 4 adults and cargo is great, if you fold the back seats. Radio is good and you can connect to your smartphone for Pandora etc.

Suggested Improvement : For the Limited model, there should be lumbar support for both front seats. No lumbar for either seat! The radio controls / phone control are a little slow to react, but work fine. One gripe is that when moving, you cannot do anything with the phone except answer. Forces you to either stop or fiddle with your phone to make a call, which is more dangerous than being able to use the dialpad on the radio screen.

Average Rating : 4.75


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