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Great Little SUV logo 7/9/2016 NM

I bought my 2012 Q5 brand new. I chose the 3.2 engine because when I test drove the 2.0, I couldn't stand the way the turbo charger whined every time the car shifted. I love the way it hugs the road. I have driven in snow and ice without chains or studded tires and never had a problem. The back seats are not that comfortable for long trips though. It really should be considered a four seater unless the center seat in the back is occupied by a car seat. The biggest complaint I have about this vehicle are the oversized side view mirrors. I have to make a point of looking all around them. A couple of times I could not see the people in the crosswalk because the driver side mirror was blocking them completely. I once cut off a motorcycle because he was behind the passenger side mirror. I need to look into after-market smaller side mirrors. The cargo room with the rear seats in the upright position could be a little larger. Great turning radius. Handles really well. Best car for teenager to learn to drive. Quiet. Working the navigation system is confusing. Not a great paint job. My dog's nails left a deep scratch in the bumper while he was getting into the cargo area.

Average Rating : 4


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