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Great long-distance cruiser logo 4/7/2015 davestewart250

This car doesn't really need a review since it's impractical from the start. You already know it can't carry seven people, drive on a dirt road or pick up a 60" flat-screen from Best Buy. But put the top down and the interior can be comfortable at 70mph. The looks draw attention. The ride smooths out bad roads just enough. Handling is good enough to enjoy curves and mountain roads. We got snow tires and drive year around in Colorado.

Favorite Feature : All the auto stuff works perfectly - lights, wipers, climate control, cruise control, parking sensors. The variable ratio steering works great. Turn signals, brake lights and daytime running lights are very bright. Get the lighting package for headlights to match, it's worth it. The seats are very comfortable for long drives. The range is over 500 miles on a full tank at 75mph. The horn is great. The interior is quiet and calm.

Suggested Improvement : The "expert" review says a few times that you can get a painted metal roof - I am sure that's wrong. The choices are tinted polycarbonate (standard) or Magic Sky (costly option). It says the 250 is slow - it's slightly slower than the competition, but that only matters if you drag-race a Z4. It is fast enough to feel sporty. The V6 or V8 add power but very expensive power. The speedometer markings are hard to read, better at night, but there's a digital speedo. The carpeting and dash are black which makes the interior dark. Crosswinds fool the Attention Assist warning. When the top is down, trunk access is tight. You can't rotate the tires. Brakes make a lot of dust.

Average Rating : 4.75


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