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Great looking body. Car itself is okay logo 7/6/2016 JC

Mine is a 2007 and purchased it used in 2010 with only 10K miles. Car has been dependable and only big complaint is the braking. It's too soft and spongy. Had it looked at and had brakes replaced and rotors resurfaced. Some wind noise and loud engine noise can be annoying. Loud acceleration and when coming out of a stop. On a stop, feels like it wants to stall but never has. I thought it was because of the RPM being almost to zero. Had that looked at too and they said it was normal. A couple of recalls but nothing major and was taken care of promptly. The last major thing that happened to me a couple of months ago was that the car completely shut off while I was driving. Luckily it happened while I was pulling into a store parking lot. Engine just shut off and steering got hard to turn. Good thing it was not on the road or freeway. Can you imagine?? I was able to pull into a parking spot right away while coasting. Was able to start it right up again and rode straight home praying it would not stall. Next day took it the shop and ended up paying $700 for the part replacement. Rides good but can feel like a couch sometimes. Harsh on bumps. Just happy that it didn't turn out to be a lemon. No repair costs other then the normal maintenance stuff. Space cargo is huge. Interior is simple and plain. No frills there.

Average Rating : 4


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