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Great looking car with performance that matches logo 8/19/2015 Lawrence Katzenstein

I bought this car three years ago and I've generally been quite satisfied. It gets decent mileage overall and over 30mpg on the road. New passengers not aware of the brand will often ask what kind of car it is because it's so comfortable. Since the car has had very little wear its frequently confused with a newer car since the basic body design remained the same until 2010.It does have some flaws. One of these is that the I-Drive computer occasionally doesn't boot at start up and leaves me without a radio until it does. The parking radar often takes a while to shut off after leaving a parking space. However in the basics like comfort and performance the car is great. I did purchase an extended drive train warranty, but I've recently had a large number of systems fail in short order including the water pump, purge valve, and transmission pan and filter. There's also the standard German oil leak which is so minuscule that I've chosen not to fix it. My mechanic and I both think that this bad period will pass and that the car will remain reliable so I'm currently still positive about it. It's a great machine.Addendum: On the positive side I've just been in an accident where I was broadsided by a driver who didn't try to stop. He must have been doing at least 65 in a 45 speed limit zone. The car lost a fender and deployed the side but not front airbags. I lost one fender and little else. I walked away without a scratch. Very impressive! The only negative about this car and other BMWs is that some systems are unique so it's hard to find a mechanic who will work on one other than the dealer. Nevertheless, performance and now safety are excellent.

Average Rating : 4


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