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Great Looks, Fun to drive, Still a car for its age logo 5/13/2015 eiji81

I bought my 05 G35 Coupe 6spd in Oct 2014 with 116k miles. Before buying this car I looked at a 05 BMW 3series, Honda S2000, and Nissan 350z. For the price range, the G35 has the best value and features. It has usable back seats, 19" rims with TPMS (tire sensors), all power options, and Navigation. Overall its a nice luxury sports car, but at this age and mileage but at this age is expected to have some issues and be a little outdated. I repaired a few things: front brakes, 6cd changer/nav, front control arms, clutch master cyclinder, and drive belts. Maintenance costs can be expensive if you don't have warranty. It only uses Premium gas but I get 19-20mpg city and around 25mpg hwy. Update: During hot weather e.g. summer, the clutch pedal will only return half-way up after being released when you're driving in traffic. So you'll have to pop the clutch pedal back to its original position with your left foot. From my research, this is a fault of the design of the clutch pedal and also the clutch fluid line location. I try not to drive my car when its very hot or in heavy traffic (night time driving and highway is fine though). During the winter when outside temp is 75F or below, the clutch pedal is not an issue.On the plus side, the A/C system on the G35 is excellent and always keeps the inside very cool in the summer. The heated front seats are great during winter as well. The car looks great and the exhaust sound is very sporty. The engine has plenty of power and torque for daily driving.

Average Rating : 4


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