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Great looks, good mileage but poor quality logo 7/13/2015 Marvin Blow

I bought this truck new a.m. October 2014. I love the look of the truck and the ride quality is excellent. The infotainment center went out in December 2014 and it took the dealership over a month to get the parts to fix system. Dealership indicated it was a common problem. The heated and cooled seats do not activate with the remote start. Dealer indicated the outside temperature had to be a a certain level. I still can not get the heated and cooled seats to activate even after making sure the settings are correct. At around 11,500 miles, I noticed that the bed of the truck is slightly misaligned with the cab. Grapevine GMC in Grapevine TX refused to honor as a warranty issue. A call to General Motors customer service and the representative indicates the misalignment of the bed of the truck is an alignment issue and the truck is outside of adjustment period. I tried to argue that the alignment period was pertaining to wheel alignment and not to alignment of the truck bed. Decided to get the truck repaired on my own.

Average Rating : 3


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