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Great Looks, Great Mileage For Large SUV logo 12/8/2016 Terry

Although I love the looks, gas mileage (just over 27 hwy on long trips) and overall performance, there are a few issues. First, the fuel door can only be opened electronically and we have had multiple instances of not being able to get it to open. There is an emergency pull located in the cargo area that is hidden under a removable well. It was very difficult to get this to even work but after 5-6 hard tugs by my husband, it did open. I took it to the dealership and was told that since it was working properly at the time for them, that there was nothing they could do about it. One of the salesmen told my husband that he'd had the same thing happen to another Durango just that morning when he tried to gas up. After a bad customer survey several days later, we were contacted and given the offer to bring it back in for further evaluation (it's there now). Time will tell if they were able to detect and resolve the issue (I am not holding out much hope...). The other big complaint is that, for some illogical reason, attached to the right side of the steering wheel are wing-like protrusions that shift the transmission gears up or down. It is easy to accidentally push one of them depending on where your hands/thumbs are placed on the steering wheel. To get the transmission to return to normal operating function, you have to completely stop, shift into park and then back into drive. Why anyone would design a vehicle with an automatic transmission with gear shifting tabs on the steering wheel, is a mystery to me. I asked the service department if they could be disabled and was told that if there was a way to disable them, they were not aware of it. There is a strong lurch when it shifts from first gear into second, but otherwise shifting is smooth. As noted with quite a few newer vehicles nowadays, it does not come equipped with a CD player. I wish auto manufacturers would appreciate that there are still some consumers that would like to listen to their CD collections. It would also be nice if standard equipment included running boards as the ground clearance is high enough to need them and I am not a short person. It would be quite a drop down for someone who is short. The cargo area is quite spacious, especially when the third row seating is laid flat. Overall. It is a comfortable, good-looking ride and very roomy and well-appointed. A much more affordable option to a Chevy Tahoe, etc.

Average Rating : 4


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