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Great Mid-size SUV logo 3/5/2015 u1g

After X3 and X1, I decided to try a Lexus and I love it. Interior fit and finish is great and the design is very upscale. BMW's so called "business luxury" is getting old after seven years. Seats are more comfortable than X1 or X3, and lateral support on NX (regular seat) is much better than X3 or X1. NX is not as agile or fast as X1 or X3, but to me, it has the right combination of luxurious drive, good speed and handling capabilities. And my deciding factor was NX looks less feminine than X3, in my opinion. Sure the grill looks too much, but if you put a license plate, it isn't as "gaping hole" like as you think.Cargo space is fine for people w/o kids.


Favorite Feature : Navigation is so much more intelligent than the ones that are on X3 or X1. I can actually rely on the traffic information to figure out the approximate arrival time. X3 and X1's system always gave me estimates that were way off. Even through it is a turbo, it is much more quiet than X1. I don't hear the growl like on my X1.Headlights are really bright and have a good reach.

Suggested Improvement : With the cover in the back, it is hard to see what's there. Is there a light somewhere? New Enform system is a bit difficult to register and start using. There are many steps and after a week, I haven't been able to synchronize the subscription of the program with all applications and website. When you are in the dark garage, it is hard to see the seat memory buttons. I would rather have a small place to put coins and such somewhere on the dash, rather than that cubby hole in the center area. Once thing I miss is the surround view on X3, which isn't even an option on NX.

Average Rating : 4.75


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