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Great midsize/little car logo 8/17/2015 William Cain

Have only had this car for a short time so I cannot comment on the repair frequency or anything like that. I have gotten up to 40MPG on long road trips and I average about 27-30 in and around town. Some of the "professional" reviewers fault the car because they think the sound system is below par. Well granted, it's not a 1000 watt 20 speaker Bose system but it works good and the sound seems more than adequate. The navigation system is the best that I have ever used. I am comparing it to all the Tom Toms I've used and the system in the Chev Traverse I traded in plus all the "apps" for the phones. There is not much cargo space because it is a hybrid and what would be cargo space is taken up by the batteries. The only fault I can see so far is the fact that the doors will not lock when you shift into gear or get up to a set speed. I find this quite a bother. I am used to the door locks being automatic and have driven many miles before I remembered to lock the doors. This is a safety feature that I think they need to correct.

Average Rating : 5


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