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Great ... most of the time! logo 7/14/2015 Paul Cupo

The quality of the vehicle is great. The ride is great! The fuel economy is great. The looks are great!The technology could be better! The touchscreen is slow to respond to touch. The name of settings is NOT always intuitive. While the vehicle tries to be incredibly smart about following distances and obstructions, it seems like things are set too conservatively - it becomes annoying and I'm about to turn off some of these things. I can't use the cruise control because the following distance is so large that everyone cuts in front of me.Even the sound system - 540 Watts - just doesn't sound great. I can't even tell if all of the speakers are even working.It is a really great vehicle that just should be even better. I paid for this stuff - why doesn't it all just work better?!

Average Rating : 4


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