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Great MPG... Horrible ride (Surging & Pausing) logo 7/17/2015 R Scott

I bought the new 2015 Accord Hybrid for it's fuel economy, and it that aspect of the car does not disappoint.However, I was unaware of just how disappointingly choppy the car's ride would be when the it's software switches between electric engine and gas engine... especially when driving faster than 40 MPH at constant speed. I failed to realize this during the original test drive because I only drove it on the freeway for about one mile (and in heavy afternoon traffic). In short, (whether using cruise control or not) the 2015 Accord Hybrid will intermittently pause and then surge whenever the electric engine disengages from action at speeds north of 35-40 MPH. This is both annoying and disconcerting since it results in a choppy ride. I took my new Accord Hybrid to the dealer service folks twice for this problem. The first time, I was told to stop using the ECON mode if I wanted a smoother ride. The second time, I insisted on speaking with the service tech. Here's the exact verbiage from the service ticket: "NFP test drove the vehicle and verified customers concern. Took snap shots during the event of the PGM-FI system... etc.. After review of all the snap shot data was sent it was determined that it is the normal operation of this vehicle." That's a pretty poor response from Honda. I've always be partial to Honda products... but with the Accord Hybrid: Let the buyer beware.

Average Rating : 2


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