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Great nibble, smooth and fast mini-van. Love it!! logo 12/9/2016 PapaC

I bought this minivan brand new in Alaska because we just had a baby girl. Being Alaska I needed something with all wheel drive and very comfortable. So the Sienna was the only minivan with that option. Drove it cross country when we moved to North Carolina. Use it for long distance trips for the first 3 years. Then as my commuter to work and school, wife and daughter falls asleep in it all the time even short trips... I've rented the Dodge minivan and it feels heavy like the truck frame its built on. The Sienna is more like a car, nibble and fast, out drive a lot of others on the road. I've even towed a pop-up camper several times, only need a electric brake installed since I got the hitch package on it which is just the hitch frame, nothing else special with it. It was doing great until a guy hit us from the side and had to replace with whole front driver's wheel assembly. Had other repairs later on but due to the accident. At 45,000 miles had to replace all the break pads and at 50,000 has to replace the shocks and struts but since I tow with it I understand that. Overall a great minivan. If you want more bells and whistles then you need to really look at each version of this model but that is with any vehicle. Other minivan have better storage area but that does add to the weight in my thought on it. Also, to those about the expensive to repairs, if you do go to the dealer its going to cost you more no matter what but in my opinion if you want something done right with out too much hassle then go to the dealership, since they work on that type of vehicle all the time so they use to it.

Average Rating : 4


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