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Great on gas, but improvements needed logo 3/14/2015 Adam Holly

Decent power, but Ford needs to put a 6 speed manual in it! 3000 RPM cruising at 115 km/h is absolutely absurd. The MTX-75 needs to be retired. Fun facts about the S: No low washer fluid indicator, and you cannot turn the traction control off on the S, short of pulling the fuses for it under the hood. Phenomenal on gas, however. Even with winter tires, it's not great in the snow, partially due to the low ground clearance. Tuxedo black metallic paint is gorgeous when clean! The build quality is good, save for the stupid mud flaps; I've lost both front ones because the clips don't hold, and the rear ones are barely hanging on. Only been in the shop once for a wheel bearing when new (warranty)

Favorite Feature : Fun to drive, quick, great on gas. Decent stereo. Air Conditioning works well.

Suggested Improvement : Traction control switchLow washer fluid light (hell, my 15 year old Grand Am had it)Adjust gear ratios or put a 6spd manual in

Average Rating : 3.5


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