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Great performance needs improvement for the price logo 7/9/2016 Joe Gillie

Had the car for 4 months and 4k miles. Bought it used/certified with 42k miles. Starter had to be replaced 1 month after I bought it. First the bad: the stereo stinks. FM radio sounds like AM mono. Bluetooth lags but sounds decent. Cd player sounds the best but doesn't read .mp3 discs. USB input doesn't recognize my android phone to play music. Aux input sound is not good. Phone to car stereo interface doesn't work (everyone has this problem and Honda is not fixing it.) The Active noise cancelling doesn't work but is not needed as car is quiet. YOU CAN'T REPLACE THE STEREO without losing many functions and settings!!! This thing called IMID which controls many functions and features and settings non stereo related is built in to the stereo! HOW IDIOTIC IS THAT!?! The front seats are not comfortable. No lumbar adjust or support. I have good athletic posture and the head rest pushes your neck/head forward. The seats are not (that) bad, but should be better at this price. I use small pillow for lumbar. Missing some obvious features like lighting for back seat, no cup holders in back seat, power outlets only work when car is on, no floor lighting. Not a fan of the push button start. One thing I don't like is the center console layout. Not good use of space. When using cups in cup holder, interferes with shifting, forget using a coffee mug. The doors on my coupe are too big and heavy. Not expecting the alignment and hinges of doors to last. (I won't be doing a 2 door ever again!) Hard to get out of car in tighter spaces and hard to load things in car. For some reason, the pass through feature between trunk and back seat is left off on the coupe? The area on the hood just above the grill is very prone to little rock chips. I think it's the aerodynamics? The good: the car drives wonderful! The handling is like a much more expensive sports car! Yes, I've driven nice sports cars...The car doesn't feel like the rated hp and torque, but it's good enough. I love Honda manual tranny and the way they shift and this doesn't disappoint! Hint to Honda...(keep up the way you do manual transmissions!) I enjoy the Sunroof. Factory smoked windows are a GREAT feature! The dual zone control HVAC is a nice feature! Wish fan speed was dual/independent controlled. Trunk space is great for a 2 door and car this size! backup camera screen is nice size especially compared to other cars. Did I mention the handling and steering and braking on this car is incredible!?! In economy mode only 1 mpg difference. Others are getting the same result in econ mode. I'm getting about 29 mpg. combined highway/city driving.

Average Rating : 4


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