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Great performing, asthetically pleasing! logo 12/6/2016 EJG

I purchased this car used with 45K on it for my wife, who has a 20K mile per year commute for work. She had never owned a luxury sedan and was apprehensive. Now I cannot get her out if it and into her new CR-V. The good: It's a strong performer, has lots of nice features and is very sharp looking. Except for it konking out with a bad alternator, it has been dead reliable. We have had very few problems with the car with 65,000 miles of rather hard use. Some issues: I have had to repair the exhaust system for pinhole leaks three times. The car is very hard on tires being AWD and a set of good tires only last about 20-30K miles until they have so much edge wear. They car does consume oil, I have to top it off every 1000 miles. It is also hard to get our toddler in and out of her child seat with a low roofline and the result is that the headliner has worn. Overall though I have been very pleased with the car. Repairs are few and far between and it can be serviced somewhere affordable, like at a Toyota dealer or any good mechanic unlike a BMW, Audi or Mercedes. I would buy another Lexus and a heartbeat.

Average Rating : 4


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