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Great premium level sporty family sedan logo 4/25/2016 Kevin L

If you're looking for a premium family sedan with cabin space that can fit 5 people comfortably, look elsewhere. If you're looking for a premium family sedan with performance, sporty feel, AND fits 4 people comfortably, this is THE CAR!Materials used and the technologies included with the Platinum trim in this car are top-notch with this price tag. When you sit inside the car, it really feels more like a sports car than a traditional sedan because of the interior design, this is probably why Nissan wants to label it as a 4DSC (4 doors sports car). Handling is great for a car that's between mid-full size. Acceleration is plenty with 300HP and 261lb-ft torque. Some people complain about the CVT installed in this car, however those are also enthusiasts who should be driving sticks instead of auto if they really want that "feel" of the engine. IMO, CVT in this car is not bad at all and I'd say 95% of the population won't even notice the difference if they weren't told about the CVT. With the CVT, my best fuel economy so far is 34mpg highway and averaging 24mpg in city. Safety features that come with this car and especially in Platinum trim are great to have. My car insurance went down 40% switching from a 2011 Camry to this car. Insurance agent told me that's probably because of the safety features and safety ratings from the new Maxima. If you're considering this car, I'd suggest watching some review and comparison videos on Youtube.

Average Rating : 5


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