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Great, Reliable SUV! Love it & buying a 2nd! logo 6/13/2016 TheHeinels

Purchased this suv with 60000 miles on it, one owner. Currently has 140,000 miles and no major issues! It has been absolutely fantastic with upkeep (just brakes, oil changes and other routine maintenance). Nitro gets great gas mileage for an SUV (avg around 22mi/gallon combined city/hwy & I live in the mountains). Great snow driving vehicle, though I would prefer a 4-low option on the all wheel drive (it just offers 4 high). Biggest downfall was the radio, which stopped working after one year (easy to replace with aftermarket radio & speakers are still great), the cheaper plastic interior pieces which have taken quite a beating from my dogs (scratches, scuffs etc), and the low front end clearance due to plastic bumper, which really limits off road capabilities. Overall, it's been a great vehicle and we're looking to add a second one to our family!

Average Rating : 5


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