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Great reliable vehicle but poor gas milege and acc logo 7/8/2016 Mike jones

I read some of the bad reviews but I guess I ended up with a good one. So far I have 108k miles and never had any problems. Just regular oil change and That's it. There was a recall on the front suspension making noise. Just gotta take it in to the dealer to get it fixed for free. Its roomy and it's a great family car, has enough space for all your stuff for long road trips. But, lol Yea there's always something. Its a great family vehicle but when u are driving by yourself and u wanna have some fun, nope. The acceleration is horrible esp if your trying to merge on to free way. Handling is less than sub par. Feels like drving a bus. Bottom line: great family vehicle, but very boring car. Gas mileage could improve.

Average Rating : 4


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