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Great ride! logo 8/8/2015 Kim

I was in the market for a new car fell in love with the look of this. I bought one used, but it was in great condition. The seats are comfortable; they hug your body and make you feel safe, unlike the Nissan Sentra I had before where the seats were just boring and flat. I get a lot of miles out of a tank of gas, it feels pretty sturdy and heavy driving on the road, which is important to me. The Sentra felt like it'd fly off the road if there was a gust of wind. However, the trunk is TINY and SHALLOW. You can't even fit a decent sized box in the back. This isn't a good traveling car if you do a lot of traveling, as the back seat is pretty small as well. But since I'm only one person with no kids, it's perfect for me. Also, sometimes this car seems to have trouble speeding up on hills. This car is also very safe. I recently got into a four-car wreck - the Infiniti behind me was totaled, but I only got away with my two bumpers needing replacement and the exhaust system repaired. No windows shattering, engine problems, or any other damage to the body that I know of.

Average Rating : 5


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