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Great small CUV logo 7/5/2016 EJO1

We bought this car for my spouse and she selected the car based on a lot less input from me compared to previous new cars we bought for her. We wanted a small car capable of handling heavy snow and therefore were looking at CRV & HRV from Honda, the Toyota RAV, the Mazda CX5 and the Ford Escape. We talked about a MINI 4WD but as we were replacing her Cooper we knew the dealer was to far away and we had a Rogue (see my review) which she didn't like. After test drives and looking at the cars. The CRV, RAV and CX3/5 were out. She didn't like the looks or colors or whatever. Left were the HRV and the Crosstrek XV. Looking at prices and what was available on the lot and the manufacturer being "green" we settled for the Quartz Blue Pearl Subaru and I can only say that it was a great buy. If the Honda was available on the lot in darker blue with light interior she would have gone for that car. She loves the car although it doesn't speak to her like the Mini did but it is a comfortable ride. The only complaint she has is the info system which is not that user friendly and seems to have trouble hooking up to Bluetooth phones. Also the CVT seems to jump forward at the slightest input from the throttle, you can not slowly get away from a standstill. Overall the car is driving nicely the gas mileage is terrific for its size after 6000 miles we average 34.5 mpg. Not bad, but the car is slightly under powered when getting on the highway but overall a nice vehicle made by one of the greenest car manufacturers.

Average Rating : 4


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