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Great sports car! logo 4/27/2016 Nick moore

This a really great car I never had NY problems .I owned it for 5 years mine is a 2004 fully loaded I drive it on nice sunny days it has 75k miles on it the parts to fix car are all Mercedes Benz .so bieng a bastard car cause it was made in Germany but with Chrysler badge..its interior noise is lil loud but it's a sports car so..I put super chip in mind with performance exhaust ect... N I love it great car I took turns at 85 mph n only 35 zone no problem handles n drives great ..I did hve to put valve cover gaskets on at 74k n replaced exhaust at 74k but only cause there is no e check here so I took cat out on exhaust ect.. I did hve replace belt idler pulley at 74k ect.. Just basic maitence so oil changes unless u do them yourself are pricy cause it uses 0 40w pure synthetic racing oil so keep tht kinda stuff in mind ...but mine is auto with manual it has both thts the one I recommend do not get the manual with clutch get auto with manual slap stick also does OK in winter it has a winter/summer selection on transmission ..n also the coupe with all options has a really nice stereo infinity doores with tweeters n amplifier with sub woofers in all factory which is nice n I'm pretty sure thts not available on the convertible ..which I hate rag tops so but a hard top removal one would be great also all Mercedes Benz mechanics told me not too buy the car in the last year made cause its a set model n dnt hve Mercedes drive train n it has a fixed wing instead of the Mercedes tht deploys at 61 mph n retractks at 37 n also last year onez made have a supercharger on a Chrysler v6 instead of a Mercedes motor n thy ones with the supercharger had problems but just put a super chip in it its better than the SRT one ..highly recommend this car but remember the maintance cost on it cause I only take it too Mercedes to get worked on n its same car as the slk also the color on mine they made the fewest of which to me is the best color its silver saphire blue metallic it changed from a light real pretty blue to silver depending on sun n time of day

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