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Great SUV, except for the headlights logo 4/26/2015 texastownhall

Had it for 4 years 65K miles. Great car, handling and space, except headlight issues. In addition to bulb going out several times, in 4 years, dim headlights. Took it to the dealer and they said, the discolored dim is actually inside and it is due to angle design of headlights and the heat from the bulbs. Only solution was to pay $1,500 new headlights. I was mad as is is Mazda design issue not something I did wrong. I drove it as is until couple fender bender at night and hitting the curve at night all due to dim headlights. Asked dealer about warranty if I do get it fixed. 1 year and problem may be back. I sold it as it was getting too dangerous. I will never buy another Mazda.

Favorite Feature : Handling, size, gas mileage.

Suggested Improvement : Headlights. If Mazda knew it is a design issue, fix it at no charge, not charge $1,500 and then warranty it for only 1 year.

Average Rating : 3.75


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