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Great SUV until the brakes failed logo 4/3/2017 Carol J.

I owned my Highlander for 10 years. I bought her used from a dealer in San Jose, CA in 2005. She drove just like a new vehicle. I loved driving her, took on trips to CA, WA, Portland, Idaho. She was a great vehicle until her brakes failed in November of 2015. I hit a parking island on a dark rainy night in an unlit parking lot. When I stepped on the brakes to stop, the vehicle kept going. I hit 2 other vehicles then a tree before she finally stopped. I am grateful for the safety features of the front bumper and crumple zones on the body. I was wearing my seat belt. However, there was no logical explanation for the brake failure. The vehicle had just been serviced the week before, and I had had no squeaking or problems with the brakes. I still suffer pain in my left shoulder and leg from the accident. My insurance company paid my medical bills for a year, but now the cost is on me. My insurance company also later researched the vehicle and found out there was a recall for the master brake cylinder. Toyota Motor Company never notified me of this recall. For anyone buying a Toyota Highlander, I would highly recommend having the brakes checked thoroughly.

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